Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To the network marketer: It's your logic that is flawed.

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All Network Marketing plans are started by a company selling some product — fruit juice, soap, vitamin pills, water filters; anything, it doesn't matter — through a network of independent distributors who are promised exponential commissions by recruiting multiple levels of other distributors beneath them. The original company will profit due to its guaranteed sales because the distributors are required to make minimum purchases, on which commissions trickle upward. There's little need to actually go out and try to sell the product to anyone; money is made by building your network of distributors beneath you, and their distributors beneath them. Soon the commissions trickling up from all those monthly purchases combine into a raging torrent of cash. And if you just buy a few more shovels, you're sure to strike gold.

Network marketing or MLM plans differ from illegal pyramid schemes only by one subtle point: Commissions can only legally be paid on sales of a physical product. If commissions are offered upon recruitment of new distributors, then it's defined as an illegal pyramid scheme. The company produces the clean white paper called test data, gather up potential distributors and feed them the bullet points to present what they learn to a new group of potential prospects and so on. The initial driver is that you will begin to make your money, trust me now go out and sell baby sell. To review only one: Newsweek found that fewer than 1% of MonaVie distributors ever qualified for any commission at all, and less than 1 in 1,000 recovered the cost of their required monthly purchases.

So if network marketing plans don't work, why do people buy into them?

Network marketing plans are easily sold by simply laying out some compelling mathematics on a whiteboard. A typical program sets five down line members as the goal for each participant: To be successful, you need only recruit enough people to end up with just five who actively participate. Below those five are their five each, totaling 25. This is your network. Each down line of five are qualified by participating at the minimum required level, so this model already excludes everyone who is flakey or only half-hearted, leaving only the five good ones in each down line. Distributor commissions are based on those minimum participation levels — where all five below you dutifully make their minimum monthly inventory purchases — guarantees you an impressive income. They explain to you that mathematics are black and white, and it's so simple that nothing can go wrong. You'd have to be stupid not to do it.

Anyone can start out with any objective and find Men & Women of science to verify most any outcome ; one such finding noted here This is the favored Modus Operandi of the drug companies. They will ultimately tell the authorities and the public what the outcome of their testing is, as a means of authenticating the drug for use. Unfortunately the outcome has always been flawed, and we have the unpleasant proof of that with reported side effects to bare out those failures; most everything that is profit driven is based on flawed science.

But here is the problem that these whiteboard presentations always manage to omit. Of all the thousands of network marketing plans available now or in the past, if only one of them had ever had a single line active to only 14 levels deep, that alone would have required the participation of more human beings than exist.

The uneducated network marketer, speaking of the Trump organization, but all MLM’s are the same, just a different message, but in the case of the Trump organization, the presenting distributor will rehearse their lines for recruiting distributors beneath them, starting with the statement to help support there recruiting efforts: we know the product works because we measure urine and we have the white pages to prove it. But we do not measure nutrient for nutrient, we measure the metabolic pathways that exist in the body and look at how the body metabolizes the nutrients. What they are referring to is the Priva Test located here which is a urine test.

Urinalysis is an examination of urine by chemical, physical, or microscopic means. Routine urinalysis usually includes performing chemical screening tests, determining specific gravity, observing any unusual color or odor, screening for bacteriuria, and examining the sediment microscopically. Since urine is an exit test, one could infer the body releasing minerals and other substances, to the extent that it was simply leaving the body and not absorbing. To use urinalysis as a means of providing evidence that absorption occurred within the body would be flawed. Primarily urinalysis is used to indicate heavy metal and toxins exiting the body when undergoing chelation therapy.

For the MLM distributor to use the wording that they would be treating or curing would place them on the radar screen of the FDA, who typically are noted as guardians of pharmaceutical profits. The laws that are bought and paid for by the big money lobbyist from big Pharma, state that in order to treat or cure any health problem, you must be a synthetic drug.

Some of the gigantic MLM’s are actually owned by big drug companies and are simply cashing in on the movement that our country is in today, which is away from synthetic drugs and toward Mother Nature’s naturals. Unfortunately some have only profit in mind and have no disregard for synthetics or proven endocrine disruptors and see nothing wrong in replacing a natural with a synthetic on occasion. For example SOY in any form, is an endocrine disruptor. Soy is a phytoestrogen and the estrogen pool is highly sensitive to balance. Here is the human endocrine system and if you will review the estrogen pool, bottom right, the three are, including their balance percentage are: Estradiol-80%, Estrone-10% and Estriol-10%. When these get out of balance for any length of time, what can manifest is breast and uterine cancer.

This message is not for the network marketers of the world, their motivation to sell is obvious, but this message is to the potential recipient of these products for use. Just consider for yourself if the risk outweighs the rewards.


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Can you give data as to which MLMs are owned by drug companies? This is the first I have heard of this.

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If you think that you don't have to research who makes your vitamins, you need to think again and review this link: Big (Legal) Drug Cartel is in the business.