Thursday, November 19, 2009

Correcting the myths and misconceptions of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy!

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Hello I am David Tippie and because I am the person that will ultimately begin and complete the follow up for all BHRT hormone clients and have many years of study about hormone therapy, I saw the need to comment on the hormone cream perception. First I want you to know that years earlier, in the beginning I was lead in the wrong direction several different times, just the same as you may be at this time and it took me years of study with the right professionals, who are directly in this industry, to help me through the misconceptions that was always represented by some doctor or PhD; so you are not alone.

I am going to give you the facts about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy as well as the cream application of bioidentical hormones, so you will not be confined to the remarks of some doctor, or even Suzanne Somers’ who is grossly misinformed. These doctors represent the thinking of the same misinformed doctors who prescribed the one size fit all- chemicalized -man made synthetic Progestin that causes breast and uterine cancer. Notice the spelling P-r-o-g-e-s-t-i-n. This is because the drug companies wanted you to think it was the same as the real natural progesterone, and since you may be involved with the creams I feel may be informed of this fact, but if not, you should be.

To describe why so many medical sickness industry doctors seem to be jumping on the bioidentical hormone replacement therapy band wagon and I might add, making a complete shambles of it, is, doctors in the medical sickness industry were caught with their hands a little dirty, prescribing patentable man made synthetic hormone replacement therapy to their patients “progestin” and “premarin”, made from pregnant mares urine. You may recall the national findings of the study from the Women’s Health Initiative, reported on July 9, 2002.

These findings found; that pharmaceutical “synthetic” man made hormones were causing breast and uterine cancer, stroke, venous thrombosis, colon cancer and brittle bones that lead to more fractures. Overnight 13 million women were taken off the synthetic hormones and the doctors were instructed by their pharmaceutical reps to give the women SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) in their place. Their flawed reasoning was, due to the fact that there was no real chemical imbalance (which is an absolute lie), women's problems are mental, not chemical, their problems are all in their brain, the doctors were told.

The SSRI’s only blew out the information in the brain by destroying dendrite cells for a short while, until those receptor were destroyed, then a different SSRI was needed to be prescribed, to start the process over in another area of the brain and so on; bringing on dementia, not solving any problem, and certainly not addressing the chemical imbalance.

The doctors who were prescribing these synthetic hormone drugs quickly bailed out of this dilemma, to keep from looking even worse than they already do and began to prescribe the SSRI’s (as instructed by the pharma rep) after the report was released and some began trying to adapt to our wellness industry bioidentical hormone replacement therapy program and added it to their practice. When doctors were doing this, it was with the general mindset that their patients believe the doctor is always right and would never doubt his or her experience, or, in-experience, as is in this case.

Doctors began dispensing one size fit all topical BHRT hormone cream programs after taking a blood test (that is completely inferior to saliva) to discover the hormone levels. First: Blood sampling is completely wrong for hormone testing, because it is only capturing a mille-second in time. Plus blood is centrifuged and the red and white blood cells are removed. Red blood cells are the binding protein that transports the hormones and thus were not even considered in blood testing. A woman cycles from her first period until she dies, no matter what a doctor has removed from her she still cycles and to properly test her, she must collect 11-saliva samples over the course of a 30-day period to accurately see her shortfalls and overproduction of any hormone so that a program can be designed specifically for her.

Hormone Creams are applied topically and are wrong applications because they tend to collect in the muscle and fat over time, which causes build up and they release irregularly and often producing other symptoms due to the irregular release of an unknown amount of that particular hormone. This is simular to choosing the shotgun as the weapon of choice to kill a spider, there is absolutely no accuracy and the overkill creates a host of new problems, collateral damage so to speak.

The doctor’s thinking is, that BHRT is a one size fit all program, like they were told that the “synthetic” Hormone Replacement Therapy was supposed to be, and as instructed by their pharmaceutical representative; they went blindly charging ahead without proper training; and believe me training in this industry is vital.

Let’s make it clear; there is no one-size fit all anything. The one-size fit all BHRT creams prescribed by physicians have an in-accurate release which adds to the mistake, of a single blood sample. The doctor can’t possibly know what the woman needs and he or she is using guess work for something that is very critical and specific to each woman, because they are all different.

Women who have all of those awful mood swings, depression, hypertension, anxiety, anger, hot flashes and night sweats are candidates for the Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc., Inc’s correct BHRT program, which is proper saliva testingm 11-panels, analyzing of a 16-page questionnaire they provide at the beginning and then micronized BHRT lozenges designed “specifically” for each woman. You can find more information at this website:
By: David Tippie-Nature-O-Path

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