Thursday, December 6, 2007

911-Emergency in America Today

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We have a 911-health emergency in America today and we need to be alerted to it. Just because it is sold in a grocery store does not make it safe or healthy for you or your family.

In the 1950’s food manufacturers had a dilemma on their hands. They found that the food they harvested and brought to market had a short shelf life. Their profits were seen as less than adequate and they began to experiment with various different processes to help make it last longer on the shelf. When the average person saw meat appearing gray they would not purchase it. They felt that fresh meat must be red. The food processors found that they could add the poison called strychnine to the meat and it would turn the meat red and it would stay red for a lengthy time period and the customers were buying it regularly.

In further experiments the food processors found that Omeag-3’s in their foods were the cause of the food spoilage and a short shelf life. When they removed the Omega-3’s, the shelf life was extended and profits increased.

Unfortunately this long chain fatty acid Omega-3 was very important for the formation of the cell membrane in the human body. When the body was deprived of this long chain fatty acid Omega-3, it had to scramble to make something in its place. The body began to make in the place of the Omega-3 long chain fatty acid.

This short chain trans fatty acid is called HDL & LDL cholesterol. We are told that this is good and bad cholesterol, when in fact, it is bad and worse cholesterol. Cholesterol, just pristine cholesterol is the most important hormone in the body and helps to regulate all of the others; not HDL or LDL cholesterol, which is a catalyst for many diseases.

We are drowning in omega-6 polyunsaturates due to processed foods. Americans on average; consume 17 times more of the omega-6s because of processed foods, than omega-3s and if anything that number should be 17 Omega-3’s to 1-Omega-6. Omega-3 and Omega-6 is like the Chinese Yin and Yang for the body. A general description would be, the Omega-6’s start the fire and the Omega-3’s put it out.

The un-healthy cell membranes we produce because of this imbalance is easily penetrated by heavy metals from the environment and products that we ingest or come in contact with. Neurological diseases have exponentially exploded since the 1950’s because of this.

Somewhere in the late1960’s to early 1970’s, the food processors in this country introduced us to new and improved toxins they developed from corn, called fructose, now used in a vast number of products on the grocery shelves today in place of sugar.

Fructose Corn syrup is made from cornstarch. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a thick liquid that contains two basic sugar building blocks, fructose and glucose, in roughly equal amounts. Sucrose, most familiar to consumers as table sugar is a larger sugar molecule that breaks down into glucose and fructose in the intestine during metabolism.

We normally think of sugar cane and sugar beets when we think of sugar. Extraction of sugar from sugar cane spurred the colonization of the New World and extraction of sugar from beets was developed during the time of Napoleon, so that the French could have sugar in spite of the English trading blockade. Nobody thinks of sugar when they see a field of corn. Most of us would be surprised to learn that the larger percentage of sweeteners used in processed food today, comes from corn, not from sugar cane or sugar beets.

During the past four decades, the USDA figures show a trend in the type of sweeteners consumed that are not from sugar cane or sugar beets and some studies suggest this may help to undermine appetite control and possibly play a large role in weight gain.

HFCS is almost certainly made from genetically modified corn and then it is processed with genetically modified enzymes to allow it to be heated at very high temperatures before it becomes un-stable. Consumers, who are trying to avoid genetically modified foods may consider this.

Sucrose is composed of glucose and fructose. In a study, provided by a team of investigators at the USDA, led by Dr. Meira Field, it was discovered that when sucrose sugar was given to rats in high amounts, the rats developed multiple health problems, especially when they were deficient in certain nutrients, such as copper.

The researchers wanted to know whether it was the fructose or a part, portion, or share of glucose that was causing the problems. So they repeated their studies with two groups of rats, one was given high amounts of glucose and one was given high amounts of fructose.

The glucose group was unaffected but the fructose group had devastating results. The male rats did not reach adulthood. They had anemia, high cholesterol and their hearts enlarged until they exploded. They also had delayed testicular development. Dr. Field explains that fructose, in combination with copper deficiency in the growing animal, interferes with collagen production. In a bottom line, the little bodies of the rats just simply dilapidated. The females did not seem to be as dramatically affected, but they were unable to produce live young.

Fruit beverages coming to the market today are the leading products containing high-fructose corn syrup, plenty of other items, which have been around for years utilize it, including sodas, cookies, gum, jams, jellies and baked goods. In fact, energy bars and a huge array of sweetened foods and beverages crowd grocery shelves, vending machines, restaurant menus, school lunches and kitchens today.

An advantage of high-fructose corn syrup from the manufacturers point of view, is that it "tastes sweeter than refined sugar," making it a popular ingredient for food manufacturers because it enables them to use less.

As a liquid, the syrup is easier than refined sugar to blend into beverages and at a price just pennies below that of refined sugar, amounting to millions of dollars, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, in savings to the manufacturers.

There may be some unexpected nutritional consequences of using the syrup fructose. "Fructose seems to be absorbed differently" than sugar from Mother Nature. Fructose doesn't seem to register in the body metabolically the same way that glucose does.

Certain biochemical reactions take place when consuming non-synthetic glucose from Mother Nature that increases production of insulin by the pancreas, which enables sugar in the blood to be transported into cells, where it can be used for energy. This healthy Glucose increases production of leptin, a hormone that helps regulate appetite and fat storage. Also, glucose suppresses production of another hormone made by the stomach, ghrelin, which helps regulate food intake. It has been theorized that when ghrelin levels drop, as they do after eating carbohydrates composed of the original Mother Nature’s inspired natural glucose, then hunger declines.

Fructose however, acts more like fat with respect to the hormones involved in body’s weight regulation. Fructose doesn't stimulate insulin secretion. Fructose doesn't increase leptin production or suppress production of ghrelin. This may suggest that consuming a lot of fructose, is like consuming too much fat, which contributes to weight gain and obesity and obesity is a catalyst for disease such as hypertension. Americans with hypertension increased by about 30 percent over the past decade. Up to the late 1960’s, refined sugar, also known as sucrose, accounted for 86 percent of sweeteners used at the time according to the USDA.

Since the late 1960’s was about the time that corn syrup took sugar’s place for sweeteners, a link may exist to disease because of that transition from sugar to fructose.

Studies have shown that fructose-containing items such as soft drinks contribute to weight gain. This adds to the evidence that high-fructose corn syrup may increase the risk of obesity and diabetes and, in turn, create hypertension.

In animals, fructose leads to hypertension. In fact, pharmaceutical companies test new anti-hypertensive medications on hypertensive rats fed high-fructose diets.

Fructose in the liver contributes to a conversion of the chemical called triglycerides more efficiently than does Mother Nature’s glucose.

Elevated levels of triglycerides are linked to an increased risk of heart disease. There is no one single source for a cause of the obesity epidemic or, the onslaught of diabetes in America. It is certain that obesity forms a catalyst for many diseases.

Our agenda with clients is to first educate them on these elements of food and then ask them to consume the foods that have had the least amount of processing. The closer they can get to Mother Natures foods, which are those that are positively un-fooled around with by humans, the healthier they will be long term.

We then begin a series of tests that point to how healthy they are at that time, for a baseline to follow up with; so tracking good health progression is made simpler. We utilize cold light laser to determine at the cellular level of the skin, if the supplements they are now taking are working for them . Next we provide a body composition analysis . This printed report shows the hydration level, the ratio of lean body to fat and the basal metabolic rate. We glean this information from electrodes placed on the hand and foot of the right side of the body and sending a mild (undetectable) electrical current through it.

This report will contain a suggested nutritional program and indicate basal metabolic rate that indicates how well a person is metabolizing as well as how hydrated or dehydrated they are.

Armed with these preliminary test results we can focus on a health improvement program designed specifically for our client’s needs. Being Overweight and having Diabetes is a number one killer in our society. Click here for what we suggest for Diabetes type-1.

Click here for what we suggest for Type-II Diabetes

Our nutritional program and our lymphatic drainage treatments will help improve the immune function and assist our clients to build healthier lives.

Neurological diseases have exponentially exploded since the 1950’s because of processed foods. Our Heavy metal EDTA suppository chelation program for an at home application, can rescue us from ADD, ADHD, Autism and Parkinson’s as well as help remove the blockages in veins and arteries, that have increased due to triglycerides.

Chelation is the process by which a metal or mineral (such as, calcium deposits, lead, mercury, iron, arsenic, aluminum, etc.) is bonded to another substance such our EDTA in suppository form.

Our EDTA suppository chelation therapy will infuse and bond with unwanted metals and toxins in the body and quickly carries them away through the waste system.

We provide a forensic hair analysis to determine the levels of toxins and heavy metals that are in the body before the 6-month program starts and a follow up test when the program is complete to help forecast good health to follow or any additional chelation that may be necessary.

Our toxin and heavy metal program is a safe and effective alternative to needles, drugs and surgeries and is shown to reduce to presence of toxins and heavy metals in the body.

Heavy metals and toxins in the body are believed to cause illnesses such as heart disease, strokes, diabetes, liver disease, prostate disease, circulatory disorders, neuropathies such as Alzheimer's disease, ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, Autism, Parkinson's as well as atherosclerosis to name a few.

Traditional chelation therapy uses an intravenous drip, and is administered in an outpatient setting at the physician’s office. The number of treatments will vary. The average therapy is given one to three times a week for twenty to thirty treatments and can be quite expensive and certainly inconvenient since you must travel to the doctor’s office each time. Children do not adapt well to needles and to ask them to sit still for 2 to 3 hours is a stretch.

A factor that needs to be considered with any chelators is what is called a "detox reaction", which can occur if large amounts of metals and toxins are mobilized and removed through the liver and kidneys.

This is why it is critical in our preparation for our clients before the program starts, that we advise them of our supplementation program first , in order to be a candidate for our detoxification program they must become healthier.

We must build their immune system and increase the intake of minerals, natural flora protectors, Omega-3’s and natural element enhancers because some good things go out with the bad ones with our detoxification program, making replenishment necessary.

The idea is to get these toxins and heavy metals out of our body while supplying our body with additional vitamins and essential trace minerals and nutrients to rebuild and replenish that, which is lost.

Water is an important nutrient and is vital for a variety of bodily functions and processes including removal of waste products, carrying nutrients to the cells and regulating body temperature. It is an essential nutrient, yet so few people actually get enough of the right type, which is high alkaline water from the Aging Younger” water ionizer from the Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc. Inc. in Tamarac Florida. You can review scientific information on the ionizer at the website:

Also, do not ever let anyone tell you, that poor health or weight problems cannot be partly the result of your hormones. Your body is totally dependent upon hormones. Breaking the vicious cycle of obesity and poor health, inflammation and hormone disruption is a hormonal and nutritional challenge. Drugs will not fix this problem.

Suggesting nutritional programs to attack disease and preventing illness, balancing hormones with and “bioidentical hormone replacement therapy , is what the Anti-Aging Clinic is all about and drinking the correct water is part of that equation.


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