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Poison Body 21st Century

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Your liver can be healed but a damaged liver will encourage addictive behavior and present a host of un-wanted symptoms! When your liver does not function properly the digestive tract doesn’t either and neither one will break down and synthesize the proteins from your food, which are needed to feed the brain with the proper amino acids such as tryptophan. Tryptophan is formed from proteins during digestion by the action of proteolytic enzymes. This health process is necessary for normal growth and development and is the precursor of several substances, including serotonin and niacin.

Serotonin is the brain chemical associated with sleep, mood, locomotion, feeding and anxiety. While other cells outside the brain cells make and/or use serotonin, all serotonin used by brain cells must be made within the neurons themselves. When serotonin is not properly constructed within the brain, the result can be irritability, aggression, impatience, anxiety and depression. Serotonin is also directly linked to compulsive biochemistry, which produces addictive behavior such as problem drinking. Problem drinking is just one of the many links to what a sluggish or diseased liver will produce.

As we explore the liver, we understand how vital our detoxification program is for the body’s pathways to successfully detoxify, repair and rejuvenate the body.
Liver destruction, due to Alcoholism, is a step-by-step detoxification process. The liver is the governess of all the critical systems in the body and is the largest single organ inside the body. When the liver is not functioning well the entire body suffers.

When the liver suffers, every organ is compromised including the brain and skin! This is because the dense sponge-like organ, which averages about 3 pounds, is responsible for providing a number of critical services for the body, which relies heavily on the output of liver functions, to properly work themselves.

The liver is the largest metabolically active organ in the body and the primary organ in charge of detoxifying the system. It converts food to stored energy and is a filter to remove toxins from the blood converting them into harmless water-soluble substances that then can be eliminated from the body through the feces, urine or perspiration.

The liver processes foods, drugs and medications that are absorbed from the blood and the digestive tract, enabling the body to use the good things effectively and finally dispose of them as well as the bad ones un-friendly to the body on entry. It will handle this process, provided we do not overwhelm the liver. It makes substances like bile, cholesterol, triglycerides and albumin for use elsewhere in the body.

The liver detoxifies by taking a harmful substance (drug, poison, metabolite) and “Gradually turning one un-friendly substance” “into a friendly substance, if it can”; metabolism turns food into metabolites that produce energy for the cells. Again, the liver can protect us, provided we do not overwhelm it with un-friendly substances. A clean detoxified body is required for our metabolism to function properly. The liver detoxifies by a two part process, first the liver uses oxidase enzymes to make the toxic substance ready for further detoxification and second the liver receives the prepared metabolite from the friendly substances and adds on one of several compounds that make the metabolite water-soluble, which makes it ready to exit the body, mostly through the kidneys and sweat glands. Skin being the largest organ and largest area, is responsible for ridding the majority of toxins and is the reason we must perspire profusely on a weekly basis. The best way to perspire is from exercise, but if poor health restricts any high aerobic exercise, then saunas are the next best thing, for detoxifying the body.

To determine the efficiency of the liver a toxic liver will send out alarm signals, which manifest as psoriasis, acne, chronic headaches, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and chronic fatigue as well as fatty deposits because a fatty liver will not metabolize fat, it simply stores it. This is the reason, people with a fatty liver, tend to be obese.

But, those with a thin frame are not home free, it is possible for the thin person to have a fatty liver. If the thin framed individual does not exercise regularly or eat nutritionally, or, if they consume alcohol regularly, chances are good, that they can develop a fatty liver. The lack of proper amounts of caloric intake may be what is keeping their body smaller, but measuring their ratio of lean body to fat would most likely reveal the picture. Improving lean body and decreaseing fat can be improved with Rejuvenis Max Growth Factor,

Most people who have a history of long-term problem drinking poor exercise and nutritional habits have dysfunctional detoxification pathways and will require an aggressive detoxification program. Before the program could begin certain health biomarkers would have to be established and would always include our complete nutritional support.

Biomarkers would be determined through analyzing the body : . to generate reports that can be utilized in the rejuvenation process. The health level of the person’s system would have to be at a certain level and we measure that level with cold light laser : , which measures the antioxidant level in the tissue. Here is a 30-second video of all the treatments : . Next a forensic hair analysis : would be taken so the results could be compared to another taken at the end of the program. After achieving a healthy immune system, a 6-month EDTA suppository chelation program : would be started.

Our our 6-month program of EDTA suppositories : are inserted at night in the privacy of your own home to allow for the slow absorption necessary for the removal of heavy metals and toxins.

Properly detoxifying your system will bring you to a state of enhanced health that you have probably not known for some time. A toxin free body with a cleansed liver will deliver you to a new reference as to what feeling healthy really means.

We receive many calls from our clients telling us that many of their chronic illnesses, including the depression they had lived with for years, has cleared up as a result of our detoxification program. This is because, as I said, every organ in the body - even the brain and proper neurotransmitter activity - rely on a healthy detoxified liver executing the 500 plus responsibilities it performs for the body, to be healthy and disease-free.

Here is a checklist of some of the liver’s daily duties:
• Stores sugars, converts different types of sugars into glucose, and maintains blood sugar levels.
• Hepatocytes produce and excrete bile.
• Metabolizes hormones, drugs, viruses, pesticides and other environmental as well as internally produced substances; Kupffer cells act as macrophages or filters – which remove organic by- products, cellular debris, and many other particles
• Synthesizes proteins and clotting factors
• Stores vitamins and minerals – D, A, B12 and iron
• Converts ammonia to urea
• Changes fatty acids to ketones, which are rapidly burned fat.
• Helps maintain blood glucose levels – is intricately involved in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism – produces bile which makes dietary fats digestible. Breaks down fats so they can be used to fuel metabolic activity; manufactures triglycerides, lipoproteins and cholesterol. Converts carbohydrates and proteins into useable energy forms.
• Makes Red Blood Cell’s in fetal life and emergencies

The three types of alcohol liver disease are fatty liver, acute alcoholic hepatitis, and chronic alcoholic liver disease or cirrhosis. A fatty liver is commonly the first manifestation of alcohol injury to the liver producing symptoms of an increased size of the liver due to fat buildup within the liver tissue. Fatty liver is reversible at this point if healthy changes are made. Symptoms of acute alcoholic hepatitis are acute onset of a fever, jaundice, tender and enlargement of the liver.

They commonly occur after a bout of heavy drinking. Severe hepatitis can result in death. Cirrhosis is characterized as liver cell death over an extended period of time with a progressive pattern leading to liver failure and death. In the early stages, there is enlargement of the liver, but then a reduction in size is observed with a nodular characteristic.

Because of a toxic liver, the poor flow of blood return through the liver will result in portal hypertension which will produce symptoms that include vomiting blood, tarry black stool as a result of the blood, enlarged spleen, dilated veins and swelling in the abdomen; I call swelling just below the rib cage, the liver roll located just above the stomach. Also a toxic liver can cause hemorrhoids.

The symptoms from the death of the liver cells, will commonly produce foul smelling breath, spider veins on the skin, enlarged breasts, jaundice, ankle edema, anemia, and a tendency toward bleeding problems. Cirrhosis is a major risk factor for primary liver cancer.

Symptoms of a “sluggish” liver that need attention are: sallow skin color, poor skin tone, dark circles under the eyes, yellow coated tongue, a bitter taste in the mouth, headaches, irritability, premenstrual tension, arthritis, and inability to digest fats – this is recognized as severe indigestion after eating high fat meals.

Most medications have a liver toxicity effect, and many are known to have a very high liver toxicity effect.

Many people are not aware that some very common drugs are highly toxic to the liver and one of which is used to alleviate hangovers –which is acetaminophen (aspirin) pain relievers – the other is a common antibiotic-- tetracycline. When the toxicity of the drug (alcohol) or medication reaches the liver, it produces liver cell death. In my opinion it is not wise to take ANY drug with alcohol as the toxic effects are magnified and therefore, that much more harmful.

And don’t forget! The byproducts of alcohol metabolism are just a few of the toxins your liver must “neutralize”. There are also numerous environmental toxins and toxins the body creates internally – add all of that to the alcohol intake, food allergy byproducts, smoking, caffeine, and pharmaceutical use and you can see that the liver is kept quite busy in the 21st century lifestyle and needs all the proper help it can get!

After the body is brought back into good health, first nutritionally : and then through the lengthily detoxification program, as a “tune up” we like to suggest the cleansing home enemas, one with lemon and in the same week, one with Rejuvenis OSH Silver : . This should be done one week, in about every 8 weeks.

A complete detox and cleanse could be necessary once every other year depending on the individual, plus taking our Rejuvenis Probiotics : . Every time we detoxify we feel 20 years younger and until we begin feeling those cloudy effects of toxic buildup in our systems again – that is when we do the enemas; even with the excellent diet and High Antioxidant Nutritional Program : that we have adopted, it is still necessary, because the body is simply overwhelmed in the 21st centry food supply.

When you know what it feels like to have a mind so sharp you truly feel you could cut glass with it and a body that doesn’t complain about exercise and gives you enjoyable sleep, you can easily sense even the slightest toxic buildup. The goal is to get you to that clear headed enhanced health state, so you too can change your reference for what truly feeling great feels like – what you consider a good feeling day these days, will seem like a really bad one, once you have experienced what we are talking about.

Detoxing & glutathione; Healing The Liver must be in conjunction with increasing the glutathione in the body to help produce the detoxification effect.

The glutathione pathway in the liver which utilizes glutathione for the detoxification of deadly industrial toxins such as PCBs and the breakdown of carcinogens are contained in our powdered supplement Poly ionic Saccharides : taken on a daily basis that you mix with juice. The perfect juice is made with our Goji Berry : . You add to the detoxification and cell communicatin of our Poly ionic Saccharides : , then add the Goji berry that has the highest ORAC value of any food on our planet.

Someone who’s body is constantly taxed and regularly depleted makes themselves more susceptible to cancer since a low oxygen state is a high acidic state, which is directly responsible for creating cancer. Ridding carcinogens from the body with our program are vital.

Hopefully you won’t wait until the symptoms appear before taking matters into your own hands and actively doing something about healing the damage to your toxic body and liver that has likely suffered from what we refer to as the normal 21st century toxic daily abuse, even without alcohol.

Anyone who abuses alcohol for even a short time has done some extent of damage. Genes, lifestyle and intensity of alcohol abuse and the type of drinking (binge drinking combined with bad nutrition or even a heavy drinker with good nutrition) all play a role in determining the extent of the damage to the body.

Also, keep in mind that most drug and alcohol combinations damage the liver more profoundly and faster than just alcohol consumption alone.

If you have been abusing alcohol for any length of time we strongly suggest you listen to this program closely and schedule time to come in and see us. There is no time like the present to begin healing and rejuvenating your body now. The longer you wait the harder it will be to get the favorable results that could save you from many health issues that you could be facing in the future.

One of the most pleasing and satisfying aspects of the work we do is seeing the look on people’s faces when they receive their second forensic hair analysis results as compared to their first. When the complete program is followed, their results never fail to show profound progress toward detoxifying the body. These results are often the bedrock that keeps our clients going inspiring them to continue with their new found health lifestyle as they learn that they can heal. Drinkers can also do something about dry drunk symptoms. It is those dry drunk symptoms that are primarily responsible for driving people in 12 step programs back to binge drinking, so when those are cured in time by sticking to our good health program ,: your success is that much more inevitable.

Also keep in mind that because of a taxed, diseased liver none of your systems, including your endocrine system ,: can function properly and will allow many other ailments and illnesses including depression to agrivate! Please consider our Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy ,: . Unless you have a life threatening condition that needs immediate attention from your doctor, we recommend that you start your healing process with our improved health program ,: and consider our detox program ,: … you will be surprised how many illnesses and discomforts can go away just by detoxing and repairing the body.

The Detoxification Program’s first 8 weeks focuses primarily on nutritional need properly detoxing the liver and repairing it so that it may function at it best. Our EDTA suppository program reflects the latest in healing and detoxing research available and stresses healing first the conditions and damage created by long term immune suppressing toxin exposure and alcohol abuse.

Please note that the following is just a “snapshot” of some key ingredients of a good liver detox regiment. We provide this information to exhibit the science behind the healing process that can be accomplished when you approach truly healing your body and addiction.

Nutrients that support liver detoxification, our special blend of high antioxidants, omega-3’s, our special blend of Poly ionic Saccharides, ester “C”,: and our Goji berrys”,: are strongly recommended. Also we suggest the consumption of sunflower seeds, walnuts and seseme seeds.

Also to support liver detoxification the consumption of raw or just lightly steamed Broccoli is an excellent facilitator for the detoxification pathways.

These suggestions should be taken before, during and after the detox program.

Nutrients that support general good liver function are Lipotropic Agents: (responsible for breaking down fats)

Methionine the most abundant Lipotropic agent in humans. When estrogen levels are high the body requires more Methionine to break it down. Estrogen accumulation causes a reduction of bile flowing through the liver and increases bile cholesterol levels. So balancing the hormones ”,: take on a whole new meaning. We discuss with our RADIO PROGRAM ”,: listeners on most of our programs the other critical needs that require our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program, and this is one more. Methionine also regulates the amount of sulphur-containing compounds, such as glutathione in the liver.

Glutathione plays a critical role in detoxing the liver and is one of the major detoxification pathways as it is responsible for detoxing approx. 60% of toxic assaults on the body. Taking our Poly ionic Saccharide powder mixed with juice ”,: on a daily basis is crucial.

Foods that facilitate detoxification are a vital source for efficient and healthy detoxification along with our program. There are foods that aid in stimulating liver enzymes that assist detoxification such as veggies from the cabbage family and there are foods that inhibit detoxification such as grapefruit and capsicum found in hot peppers. Our detox program is a wonder science with tremendous results in helping to break the addictions as well as improving general health and wellness when done properly!

From the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism
Alcohol-induced liver disease (ALD) is a major cause of illness and death in the United States. Fatty liver, the most common form of ALD, is reversible with detoxification, nutrition and abstinence.

Normal liver function is essential to life. Liver damage disrupts the body’s metabolism, eventually impairing the function of other organs.

A group of metabolic products called free radicals ”,: can damage liver cells and promote inflammation, impairing vital functions such as energy production. The body’s natural defenses against free radicals which are antioxidants ”,: , can be inhibited by the normal toxic damage that takes place in our body daily; add to that alcohol consumption, cigarettes, toxic manmade products, such as processed food, and it can lead to increased liver damage.

Antioxidants are well documented and known to play vital roles in health maintenance and disease prevention. Glutathione is your cell's own major antioxidant.

Maintaining elevated glutathione levels aids the body's natural antioxidant function.

Low glutathione levels as well as low Omega-3 ”,: levels have been associated with nuero-degenerative diseases such as MS (Multiple Sclerosis), ALS (Lou Gehrig's Dis-ease), Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Our Poly Ionic Saccharide powder ”,: plays a role in eliminating many carcinogens, acids and also maintains and optimizes white blood cell function while providing stronger anti-acidic and anti-tumor defenses.

Raised glutathione levels help increase strength and endurance. Those interested in over all more energy in an every day life or, those into physical fitness can benefit from our Glutathione power taken once per day.

Speaking about antioxidants, Our dried Goji berrys, are loaded with nutrients and powerful Antioxidants. The Goji Berry”,: contains 18 Amino Acids, (six times higher than bee pollen) more Beta Carotene than carrots, more Iron than spinach, 21 Trace Minerals, and 500 times more Vitamin C by weight than oranges! The 13 % protein in the Goji Berry is higher than whole wheat, and displays an insulin-like action that is effective in fat decomposition, which will fit nicely with your weight management program.

Goji is known to have very high antioxidant properties. The ORAC, or, (Oxygen Radical Absorbancy Capacity) value is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities of different foods and Acai is one of the highest in the world.

Think of all the things we just discussed and without the correct water ”,: in your body, don’t even bother with the others. Why?

Because you would be dead in a short while with out hydration!

How do we hydrate? With water from our Aging Younger” water ionizer ”,: . High pH alkaline water, the perfect water to feed each of our cells. This is the water the long lifers drink on a daily basis who routinely live to be 100 to 120 years without disease.

The ionizer connects to your kitchen sink faucet. Right at your fingertips is the healthiest water in the world for you and your family.

Call us today and schedule a consultation at: 954-742-4430

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